Arrival day was long but no problems at all. The school had a driver waiting for us at the airport so we bought our 4 bottles of alcohol and we were on our way. We’ve been told that its almost impossible to find hard alcohol and the wine has a completely different taste but beer is much easier to find. No fear though we are all stocked up 😉

Our driver bought us to the hotel, we didn’t have any problem leaving the airport or city. We drove through Cairo and got a glimpse of the city. We also got a glimpse of the pyramids on the way out. There are many buildings that are half built in Cairo. I was told this is because of taxes/money the buildings are started but then there was no money to finish them. Most of the buildings you could tell there were people still living in them from the clothes lines and satellite dishes. It took us about an hour to get to our hotel in 6th of October, which is closer to the school. The government has implemented a curfew so everyone needs to be inside by 7 pm or risk being arrested. We ate dinner at our restaurant at 7 then I went to bed.

Today we have a morning meeting with our director and then I believe we are hitting the mall and going to look at flats or apartments for my American friends 😉

Hopefully I can get some pics up later today.

Later skaters,

– Brandy


  1. Glad you arrived safely! Looking forward to hearing all about your adventures and to seeing you in a short few months too!!

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