New Teacher Orientation

Well it’s the weekend – yes the workweek is Sunday – Thursday here, just a little something else that is different no big deal everyone is on the same schedule. I had three days of new teacher orientation this week so I’m starting to get on a schedule which is great. We learned the history of the school as well as more information on Egyptian culture, which is fascinating. All of the Egyptian people I have met so far have all been welcoming and very helpful. I have met many of the school support staff as well as other teachers and they have all been great. As far as orientation it’s the same business as usual – expectations, room/office set up, pick up keys, new school email address, etc. It’s also been a great way to meet some of the other new teachers as well.

I’ve been in Egypt for an entire week and it seems like its been much longer – but in a good way 😉 I’ve complied a list of things that I still need to work on as accepting them as my norms now
~ conversions of all kinds: money, distance, temperature, weight
~ no dairy creamer for my coffee but the powder is available which is just as good, no need to worry
~ I NEED to wear sunscreen like everyday all the time or whenever I step outside my villa 😉 no really I’m afraid my face is going to melt off during class. So to avoid that I’m just going to wear my visor most of the time – problem solved 😉
~ time change with everyone back home so I can call/face time/Skype at appropriate times
~ drying all my laundry on a drying rack, we don’t have dryers well really no one does because you don’t need them, everything dries super quick. I dried stuff on a drying rack at home but here it’s legit the way to do it 🙂 Although I do need to invest in some fabric softener because my towels have seemed to turn into stiff, rough cardboard.
~ drinking enough water, in the states I drank a gallon a day but here I’m pretty sure I need to double that. It’s been mid to upper 30’s here lately. (For my US friends that’s mid to upper 90’s Fahrenheit) and 0% chance of rain, it doesn’t rain much here 😉

That’s all for now…

Later skaters
– Brandy

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