1st Adventure Out

So I took my first adventure out today and it was amazing! My roommate, Autum took myself and two other new teachers, Heather and Luke into town for lunch and some sight seeing. We went to a part of the city called Zamalek which was about a fifteen minute ride because it was Friday morning. Friday is the holy day here so not many shops were open until later after prayer which is usually around noon. The Friday here is comparable to our Sunday in the states when everyone goes to church. We left early around 9 am to head into to town so we could leave around 12:15 pm to be sure that we would be back in SZC (Sheikh Zayad City) by time everyone was done with prayer. The reason for this is because if there are going to be any protests or other issues this would be the time that they would start. So just to be on the safe side we wanted to be back around our compound by 1 pm. Once we were in Zamalek it was very different from where I live in SZC. It’s a downtown metropolitan area so there are old buildings, shops all along the streets, people walking, people driving and honking, taxi’s, old tall trees, pollution and just a great urban feeling. Now being that Egypt in general is a much older place there were great structures to look at. Some streets were lined with gigantic trees that were as tall as the buildings that provided great shade 🙂
City shots



Dorms for the American college here in town

A little street art

Went to a great restaurant to eat lunch today – Zooba. Tried koshary, an authentic Egyptian food, for the first time and it was really good! Similar to spaghetti with the noodles and sauce but the had chickpeas, lentils and a few other things added – very good.

We also had different dips (in the jars) that we ate with bread, they were also amazing. My favorite was white cheese and tomatoes. The other two were hummus and red pepper, not bad, and aged cheese and some other spice, which I was not a fan of. The empty bottle is flavored tea, hibiscus and lemon – very good. There is no iced tea here, all the tea is served hot. I can always get tea and pour it over ice I’m just saying I can’t go to a restaurant and order ice tea, like I used to 😉 So this was a good change. Hibiscus tea is everywhere and very good, very sweet on its own and very red.

Right next door was the butcher. Yes this is meat hanging outside. If you look close the third one from the left still has the tail with fur on it. We’re in Egypt things are done differently here.

We happened to run into the director of my school and his wife while in town. They showed us around and took us to some great little shops. My favorite was Nefertari, all 100% natural hand made body care products all made in Egypt. So I got some lavender hand soap for my bathroom as well as 100% Egyptian cotton towels. I figured as long as I’m in Egypt might as well get some Egyptian cotton 🙂 I also picked up a little monkey also made of 100% Egyptian cotton for a little monkey I know back home.



On our car ride home we did pass this guy going the wrong way…NBD


After our exciting trip into town we came home and grabbed our suits and headed over to the “Real World Egypt” house. No seriously four new teachers are renting a villa and its super nice and has a pool. It looks like it could be on MTV real world. Once I got home I watched a movie (From Paris With Love with John Travolta – not bad) with the roommates and just hangout.

Later skaters
– Brandy

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  1. Brandy, I love the way you write. It’s like I’m there!!! Can’t wait for the chapters to come!!!!

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