Long weekend = open water diver certification

With the postponement of school until the 15th my school has been gracious enough to extend next weekend into a 5 day long weekend. We will get Thursday – Monday off then come back to school for Tuesday – Thursday to finalize meetings and classrooms for the students to come on the 15th. With this long weekend the dive group at school has set up a intensive 5 day course to get open water diver certification. I was already on planning taking the classes to get certified so what better opportunity than spend 5 days in a beach town and learn how to dive! All the teachers that have been there say its a great laid back beach town – sounds right up my alley and getting my open water certification is just as awesome. I like the idea of using my long weekend productively. The cost of the certification course is 230 euros which is $305 USD so very reasonable and great that we can get the course done at once. There were two options for sleeping the first was 40 LE (Egyptian pounds) per person which is about $7 USD for a dorm style room, shared bathroom NO ac. The second option was a double room, private bathroom and AC for 150 LE so 75 LE per person which is about $10 USD. I naturally took the second option as they had me with the AC 😉 The flight to Dahab was a little less than $180 USD, so overall it’s not a super expensive trip.

I will update once I get back from my trip with results and tons of pictures as well as hopefully some underwater pics too 😉

Right now I need to continue to read my open water diver manual.


– Brandy

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