School is postponed :)

School was scheduled to start September 2 but has been postponed to September 15. The Ministry of Education has stated that private schools should not start before September 14. With this information our board has decided to postpone until the 15th. The school has extended some meetings into next week as well as giving more time for teachers work in their classrooms. In the PE department we have all of our new equipment put together and put away. The elementary classes have all been sorted out so I know who I am teaching. I am teaching pre-k (3 year olds) to 4th grade. I only have two 2nd grade classes and one fourth grade so I’m mainly teaching the little guys and gals! This is a big change from my middle and high schoolers but I’m really excited for the experience. I’m sure I’ll come home everyday drained but I’m excited. I will be team teaching a lot with another PE teacher which is perfect because she has taught at the school before so she’s going to show me the ropes and she’s super cool 😉 As far as coaching goes I’m coaching with another high school PE teacher. We will be coaching girls 16U basketball. We also get to take them to an international tournament. The other coach is very cool and fun to be around so coaching will be a blast.
Here’s my computer in my office -notice the Arabic letters on the keyboard, very cool. This will actually help me learn the numbers.


Soccer field and track


Business office

Gym/pool/business office building – this is opposite of the main part of the school that houses the classrooms, principals and secretaries office and canteen (cafeteria).

These are the buses that provide the teachers, staff and students transportation to and from school.

Hall way – similar to most other hallways 🙂


Later skaters
– Brandy


  1. Hey Brandy,

    What’s up!!! I so enjoy getting your postings. You seem to be adjusting just fine. I wish I could of seen you before you left but we were on vacation. The pictures you send are awesome. The school and your surroundings look beautiful, but I still worry about you. Just wanted to drop a note to wish you well and to be safe.


    1. Hey Friend!
      Yes, I am adjusting well and meeting tons of great people! I will be home at Christmas and I will be sure to come visit when you are there. I’m doing well and staying safe – no need to worry 🙂

      – Brandy

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