First month down!

So I’ve been in Egypt for a month now. Well actually today it’s 1 month and 5 days 🙂 The month mark, September 15th was also our first day of school.  After being delayed for two weeks it was nice to get back to school and into a routine.  It was a great feeling to get back into the classroom or the gym for me, after being away for a while.  The majority of my classes are early childhood ranging from 3 – 6 year old’s along with two 2nd grades and one 4th grade class.  These ages are a long way from my junior high and high school students that I used to teach.  I have to say though that it’s been fun so far.  I’m glad that I get to teach this age for a few reasons.  The first being now I can say that I have taught pre-k to grade 12 PE which is nice.  Second reason, teaching these young of kids I get to work on my patience as well as my instruction. Lastly, I have a lot to learn about teaching this age, I’m just blessed to have a co-teacher who is really helping me out and giving me great tips everyday.  Teaching a PE class of 36 six year old’s is not as easy as it sounds.  As my friend says it like wrangling/herding cats.  Have you ever tried to catch one cat? Now image trying to catch 36 of them, now image they are six year’s old – it’s kind of like that 🙂  There are also a lot of positive’s that come with teaching this age group.  The things they say are hilarious, they are very truthful, they are super cute, and who doesn’t love playing with kids all day 🙂

Along with enjoying my classes my department is equally amazing.  Having a good department to work with especially PE is very important.  It makes life a lot easier and happier if you enjoy who you are working with as well as sharing an office just as all 7 of us do.  I couldn’t have asked for a better department to work with 🙂 We work well together and we also know how to have fun.  The rest of the school staff has been great too.  We have after school activities for the staff and have had a great turnout so far.  We play soccer (I suck but I’m working on it), volleyball and basketball.  Not only is it a great workout each time it’s been really fun to hang out with the other teachers.

Even though I’ve only been here for a month it feels much longer than that. I’m taking that as a good sign though, I’m really enjoying myself.  Of course I miss my friends and family but Face Time, Skype and Facebook really help out with that.

This is how much fun I have at school :)

This is how much fun I have at school 🙂

Later skaters



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