Golf tournament

Dreamland which is one of the golf courses in Egypt held their First International Schools Cup on October 26th. AIS West (my school) had four teams entered in the tournament. There were three other international schools that also participated. It was a scramble format and we played best ball. I played with two other PE teachers and one of the first grade teachers. The entry fee included bucket of balls for driving range, cart, green fees, and lunch. The tournament was very well set up and we had a great time. The tournament was a big success and they are holding another one on December 7th. My team took third in the tournament but as “dad” and “uncle” say if we putt better we can finish better than third place. I need to start practicing 🙂

This was us practicing after school 🙂


My team accepting our third place trophies.


Good times!

One comment

  1. WEll done baby girl! The correct spelling is “Putt” not “put” but you are right nevertheless. You by the way made a couple huge putts and were getting it down. No more practicing in the office for me. Too fast of a surface and I was a mess this weekend. Let’s get out to Dreamland and play again before the tourney!

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