Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is the complete opposite of Egypt. It was cooler weather, a little rainy, fall colors everywhere, trees, grass, a much more relaxed society as far advertisements and local places to sight see. For example we went to a sex museum, that is NOT something you would do in Egypt 🙂 Prague had great architecture from the Prague Castle to the Charles Bridge. I never would have said before that I was one for architecture but the buildings were amazing and I really took notice at how they were built and all the detail. We stayed in a hotel near the train which made it easy for us to walk most places. We hit all the major tourist spots – Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, Astronomical Clock, Old Town Square, and some authentic little pubs with amazing food.
View from the Charles Bridge

Dad said we had to get a sausage on a baguette, so we did and it was amazing! Actually at this exact moment I was hangry (angry from hunger) so this was much needed. Unfortunately for Autum she had to put up with me when I got hungry – she’s a trooper 😉

Astronomical clock

Prague Castle

Market area and shops along the way to the Charles Bridge and Prague Castle


Mulled wine = warm wine. It wasn’t bad, kind of strong but still good.

Another time I needed a snack – cinnamon sugar crepe, made fresh! So good.


We were only in Prague for two days but we saw a lot while we were there and all of it was amazing. We took a train from Prague to Vienna to complete our week long vacation. Again the train ride was about five hours. Who cares how long the trip is when you have a travel partner like this 😉 She was suppose to be checking to see where our train was boarding but as usual she got distracted. I found her in Claire’s buying an entire bag full of costumes.


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  1. You look like you’re having an amazing time!! Prauge looks beautiful! Thanks for keeping everyone posted on what you are doing. Miss you!!!


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