Steinbach, Austria

In October we got a week off of school for Eid which is a Muslim holiday comparable to Thanksgiving/Christmas in the states. So with our week off my roommate and I decided to head to Steinbach, Prague and Vienna. Our first stop was a small village, Steinbach located in Austria. We went with two other teachers, one of them has a brother-in-law who they were visiting and invited us to come along and experience “real Austria”. We flew into Vienna then took a bus to the train station and a train into Steinbach. The bus ride was about a half an hour and the train was about two hours. It was night when we arrived so we didn’t really get a chance to see what it looked like outside. When we woke up the view was absolutely amazing. It was nice to see trees and grass and especially the fall colors.
This is what we woke up to.


It’s nice to visit somewhere when you have a native showing you around. We walked around where we were staying and Horst, our host, showed us around. His house and property were absolutely amazing and the view was just as awesome.
Our true Austrian tour guide
I took this picture for my dad – check out these gutters they are heavy duty steel – very nice good craftsmanship. We were talking about how he has to clean the gutters and I told him that used to my job as a kid πŸ™‚
We went to a guest house (restaurant) for an authentic Austrian meal. The beer was good, it was a light beer, similar to the lighter ones we have in the states. The first food picture is schnitzel which is very traditional Austrian dish, that is what my roommate got, it was good. The second picture was what I got. Of course I forgot the actual name but it was beef with sauce, onions and potatoes – amazing! It was very filling but real good.


The next day we hiked to the top of Mittagstein. It was a little foggy when we started out but it turned out to be an awesome day.
Now we hiked up an actual huge ass mountain and I’m not going to lie I did not enjoy it the entire time. For the most part it was okay but once we got to the top it made it all worth it. Oh yeah and going down sucked worse than going up – I know crazy!
We made it to the top!20131102-163033.jpg
Some of the greatest views I’ve seen –

At the top you write your name in the book πŸ™‚


The next day we left for Prague. We took the train from Steinbach to Linz then to Prague. The total trip to Prague was about five hours. I’ve never rode a train for that long or anything other than to commute downtown so it was a fun experience. The seats were different, they had little sitting areas that had a door and could fit up to six people if needed. The sights on the way into Prague were just as amazing – so many great fall colors. This was our main reason for choosing Austria we wanted to see Fall. Being from the Midwest I took the change of seasons for granted. You always knew that you have four different seasons some were longer than others but you can always count on them coming and going. Now that I’m in Egypt there is not a real change of seasons. It has cooled off here and the temperature is amazing right now but there were no trees that changed colors and there is no snow coming. I actually really didn’t even think about it like that until my roommate mentioned it then it was an absolute that Austria and Prague were our destinations. I’m really glad we got to experience Austria from a native point of view – pretty incredible.

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