Hurghada Dive Trip

The White Tip Dive Squad (our dive club at school) took a diving trip to Hurghada this past weekend. I haven’t been diving since I got certified in September so I was super excited to go. The best part of this trip was that we were already certified and wouldn’t have to do any skills and could just fun dive. I know that sounds simple but just knowing that we wouldn’t have skills to perform made the trip even more exciting πŸ™‚

In total there was sixteen teachers from my school along with some other teachers from another school. We left Thursday after school and started our journey. We took two buses and the drive time could have been anywhere from six to twelve hours depending on traffic, check points and stops. Luckily we got there in seven hours which wasn’t that bad at all. I took a little nap, listened to some music and talked with my peeps.
“Our group” was back together diving again.

All seven of us that got certified together were once again diving together so it was nice to hang out on the bus. We don’t always get to see each other so the seven hour bus ride gave us time to catch up. Once we got there we checked in to our “mini apartments”. My roomie who also serves as my dive buddy was my French friend Lucie. We had the pleasure of sharing our apartment with mom and dad. After we checked in we all went to bed, it was a long day and end of the school week so we were all wiped out.
Lucie – she’s wearing socks because she was cold, she was cold the entire trip. She’s also going to love that I used this picture πŸ™‚


The next day we met the group at a coffee shop were I had an amazing coffee and it was so big the cup had to have two handles, but it was so good!

We walked to the dive shop where we gave our dive cards, very official – it even has my picture on it, and got our equipment. I will say one thing about diving, there is so much equipment! I mean obviously we need all of it. There is just so much to carry and get ready but in the end it is all well worth it. We were boat diving so once we got our dive equipment together we loaded it on to the boat. When we got certified to dive we did all surface entries so we just walked in the water. When you boat dive you have go off the boat, this was one aspect I was definitely looking forward to. Everyone got settled on the boat and we got the rundown of the boat – wet areas, dry areas, bathrooms etc, then we were on our way to the first dive sight.


Titanic pose…everyone does this right?

We did three dives a day so six total over the weekend. We saw a bunch of new sea life and amazing scenery when we were downstairs.
Underwater pics are so cool. That’s me giving the horns and my trusty diving buddy is right behind me.


One comment

  1. ^^ πŸ™‚ Thanks buddy!
    A great trip indeed, I was waiting for the camel blanket too, the one that made you disappear for a while!
    I hear there’s another trip start of december… oh oh…

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