Camping in the desert

At the beginning of December we went camping in the desert for a friends birthday. We spent one night and one day in the desert where we looked at the stars, smoked shisa, played in the dunes and had a fantastic time with great friends. When we rode out to the campsite it was already dark so it was almost as if we were driving right into the night sky. For me to explain how open the sky looked or how clear the stars looked it would be impossible. It’s definitely one of those things that needs to be seen in person. The view of the stars looked as if we were only miles away and could eventually drive up to them. The only time I’ve ever seen the stars this clear was at the planetarium museum in Chicago. This view was much better just in case you were wondering 🙂

Camp fire –


The next morning we woke up early to see the sunrise. I’m not one to get up early but it was definitely worth it. Now I know you think the desert and think that it’s hot. Well, it is still winter here and with that the temperature is pretty nice/comfortable during the day but at night it was cold, very cold. So when you see the pictures from the morning we are all in hoodies and pants because it was still pretty chilly.




This was our campsite from the top of the dunes.


Before breakfast and after we watched the sunrise we played in the dunes for a while which was pretty fun. On my Facebook page there are more pictures of us jumping, doing cartwheels and just being awesome.



After breakfast we hiked around the campsite for a little bit then headed to look at some whale bones in Wadi Hitan and some other ancient ruins.
The gang walking around looking at whale bones.


The next pictures are just plain hilarious because it’s always fun to put yourself in a picture with large formations.




Later skaters –


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