Cookout in the desert

We had a day off of school for the prophets birthday in January so we decided to head out to the desert. We cooked out for lunch and went around and saw some pyramids and ruins. This was my first excursion to see any pyramids. I know that sounds crazy that I’ve been in Egypt for five months and haven’t seen any pyramids. To be honest there are a lot of different pyramids to see and they are not going anywhere anytime soon.

There was a group of eight of us that went on this day adventure so we rented a bus to take us out there. My roommates Katharine and Autum along with my French friend (her name is Lucie but saying my French friend is way cooler) her husband and kids all went with. Once we arrived at our destination we changed vehicles and all crammed in a jeep. A van would never make it in the sand. After we changed vehicles we rode through a really nice horse stable and then all of a sudden we were in the desert – just like that! The desert is literally their back yard – very cool. After we found the spot we were going to cookout we unloaded the jeep and started lunch preparation. The kids loved running around the desert – it really is the worlds largest sandbox.

Setting up for lunch

Exploring the desert


We walked around, played in the sand dunes and looked at all the different rocks and shells we found. After lunch we hopped in the jeep and rode around and went and some ancient ruins and smaller pyramids.

It always amazes me to look at these ancient structures and think that actual people built these amazing structures. Unless of course you are one who believes that aliens helped build the pyramids – the jury is still out on that one. The desert in general also amazes me at how large and open it is. It really makes you realize how small you are compared to world and how little time we have here.
Nap time

Bedouin tea = my favorite!


Later skaters –


  1. Those are truly amazing pictures. I love getting new updates. This is such a once in a lifetime opportunity that you have. Kids are so amazed at the pictures, saying “how did Brandy get there?” & “wwoooowww!”. Keep them coming!

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