Birthday at the pyramids

So for my birthday my friend, Lucie (my crazy French friend I have spoken of before) took me to see the Giza pyramids. This was officially the first time I went to the pyramids so it was pretty awesome, especially since it was a surprise birthday get together. So in all it was my two roommates Autum and Katharine, Lucie and myself that went on a trek to see these wonderful works of art 🙂
Finally here –

This is looking straight up the great pyramid.


At this particular time when we went there were a lot of protests all over Cairo and surrounding areas so the security was pretty tight. The first entrance we went to was closed but our fearless driver and Egypt expert Ashraf took us to another entrance. After seeing that it was four white woman who wanted to visit the pyramids they let us in. That day they were only allowing foreigners in. For us this was kind of a nice experience because no else was there and it was as if the pyramids we’re opened only to us. We saw three Chinese college students on the way out. Other than that it was just me and these three….


Seeing how large the pyramids are in person really makes you think about how they were built. The size of the blocks used are hard to believe that no machines were used and all of the manual labor that was needed.

All in all it was a great day spent with great friends.

Of course who you see the Sphinx you have to take a picture like this –


Later skaters –


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