Gifts from the US

Autum’s friends from the states came to visit for a week on Thursday. They graciously offered to bring us any items back from the states that we might need. Obviously we don’t NEED anything since we are still alive living in Egypt so it’s more of stuff we desired. Here are a few items that they ended up bringing us back four bags of stevia, nestle quick chocolate milk mix, three bags of grits, set of sheets, a fixed laptop, pajamas, decaf black tea bags, some vegan stuff in a jar that smelled (vegi mite), a large bag of sour patch kids, a pair of tennis shoes, mardi gras masks, mardi gras beads, European maps, bottle of vodka and Kahlua. All of our stuff filled up on entire suit case and when it was opened and passed out you would have thought it was Christmas morning at our villa. It was actually pretty funny and amazing all at the same time. Our visitors were very grateful for us putting them up for the week and returned the favor by bringing all of luxury items to us.

Later skaters – I’m off to have some chocolate milk and play on my laptop 🙂

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