Sandstorm – black and white desert – camping

We went camping for the weekend with my roommates friends who were visiting from the states. To get out to the desert and use all of the time her friends had we left at 5 am on Friday morning. Now this is after going to the airport to pick the friends up and not getting home until 10 pm because we sat in Egypt traffic for two and half hours which included two or three different weddings that were taking place in the street. After a four hour mini bus ride we arrived at our first destination which was an exhibit or mummies and two tours of tombs. After we looked at the mummies and went through the tombs we continued on our trip.
Once we started driving a sand storm started and just kept getting worse. The best way to describe a sand storm is compare it to a snow storm except with sand. The sand was blowing across the road just like the snow at home. The sand storm was so bad that we had to stop at a store/restaurant.
Here is a picture of the sandstorm. You should be able to see for miles past the road and little trees and see huge sand dunes but all you see is a lot of sand in the air.


Once we got there we sat down and ordered some drinks and we were just going to wait out the sandstorm. After a little waiting we had lunch and the sandstorm was still raging on. After eating lunch we all took a nap and were still waiting for the storm to pass. After five hours we continued our trip into the desert. We found a spot to camp and our Bedouin guides set up our tents and made dinner. After our camp was set up we just chilled out, smoked shisa, ate dinner and then went to bed.
The next day, Saturday, once we woke up, our guides made breakfast, all of us got ready for the day and the guides took our camp down. Once we left we drove through the desert and stopped at a few places to take pictures and then we stopped at a water spring. The spring was very cool. Right in the middle of the desert there was a little spot with trees and a spring with water pouring out of it. At the bottom there was a small little pool where you could put your feet in.


After we filled up our water bottles and freshened up in the cool spring water we continued on. At this time we were in what is called the White Desert. The white part of the desert is chalk like and very brittle.


Within the White Desert there are many rock formations. My favorite one was right by our camp on the second night. The rock looks like a mummy that is yelling. This totally reminds me of the movie The Mummy. After we looked at the rock formations our guide found a good spot to camp and they started setting up. While they were setting up Katharine, Autum and I sat on top of a rock and watched the sunset. That night we ate dinner, smoked shisha, listened to a flutist, and danced around the fire. Oh and of course had Bedouin tea, which is my all time favorite.
The next day, Sunday, we got up ate breakfast, packed up camp and went to see more of the desert. We stopped at more rock formations and then went to crystal mountain. Crystal mountain was amazing. All of the rocks were made out of little crystal rocks. From a distance the rocks looked like any other large boulder but up close they were beautiful crystals.
Our final voyage was the ride back into town to transfer from the two jeeps to one mini van to take us home. Once we were in town we stopped to grab food for the ride home. I also made a stop and picked up two Bedouin scarves. One was purple and they other one was black and white, of course.

Later skaters –


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