Spring Break – Nature Camp & Black/White Desert

For spring break this year I decided to stay local and stay in Egypt. My friend Heather’s (the amazing photographer) family came to Egypt for a visit, went camping in the desert and kindly invited me to go along. This desert trip was a little different being that we started our trip at Nature Camp which is a nice transition to camping in the desert. At Nature Camp you sleep in little huts, eat in the restaurant, have a large camp fire with pillows to sit on and have running water with toilets and showers. It’s basically the Hilton of camping in the desert. We left bright and early at 8 am to head out to Nature Camp. After about a four hour van ride we arrived, settled in, ate lunch and explored around. The next day we left head out to the White Desert. We made stops on the way to take pictures and to explore different landmarks. Once out in the desert our guides found a perfect camping spot and set up camp. Once out in the desert we explored around, smoked shisha, ate dinner, made s’mores by the camp fire and hung out under the stars. The next day the sun woke us up early. After breakfast we hung out a little bit while camp was being cleaned up. We threw the football around for a little bit until it was time to head back to Nature Camp. Once back at Nature Camp we relaxed, took a shower, ate lunch, and relaxed more. Our final day we left early so we could get back by the afternoon. It was a great laid back desert trip with great friends.

It was a great combined trip to Nature Camp and out the White Desert.

Nature Camp
Rusty, a donkey and Hanuel
Nature Camp
Autum and I at Crystal Mountain in the White Desert
White Desert
Totem pole pose with the boys at the White Desert
White desert

Later skaters –

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