Spring Break part 2 – Alexandria, Egypt

For the last two days of spring break I once again decided to tag along with the Miller family vacation to Alexandria, Egypt. There was a total of nine making the trip. We would sightsee for a day, stay the night and then head back to Cairo. The drive is about three hours so we got an early start and arrived in Alex late morning.

Our first stop was the Citadel of Qaitbay or Fort of Qaitbay. This 15th century fort is located on the Mediterranean coast and is built up from the ruins of the Lighthouse of Alexandria.
Front view

Looking into the courtyard

The next stop we made was at a mosque that was also located next to some amusement rides in the middle of the street. I thought it was an interesting spot for a carnival so I took a picture 🙂



Next up was the Alexandria Library. Here’s the backstory on this. My two favorite things in the world to see are waterfalls and libraries. Last time I tried to see the library it was closed for cleaning. So this time, this trip, I was going to finally see it. To sum it up – NO!
Front of the library

After I questioned the security guard “are you sure it’s closed” and he laughed and said yes but there are two book fairs going on over there. I said great I’ll go check those out. So we looked around for a bit and found some pretty cool books. One book in particular caught our attention and Luke decided that it had to bought, it was only seven pounds or one dollar. We gave the book to Mariko and decided she should be the owner.
Mariko and her new book – please note the title.


After we were done NOT seeing the library we stopped to get lunch and then headed to the hotel. Now thanks to my friends awesome mom, Mrs. Debra Miller and her hotel points she hooked us all up with a room at the Hilton.

We checked in and got settled then all met in the cigar bar for happy hour drinks. During happy hour Mariko read her new book to us in a British accent. So that basically topped off the night.

The next day we headed back to Cairo. It was a great trip with great friends!

Later skaters –

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