End of the school year reflection.

School will officially be over in two weeks and then I will have nine entire weeks off. With this being my first time teacher overseas I thought I would reflect on my year. As far as school goes I could not be happier to be back teaching and know that I made one of the best decisions of my life to move across the world to teach here. Initially when I was interviewed I was interviewing for a middle/high school position but once I got here I found out it was elementary then when school officially started I learned it was early childhood. After my initial shock of oh my god they are 3,4 and 5 years old, I’ve loved every minute of it and can’t wait to teach them next year. I can now officially say that I have taught P.E. pre-k through grade 12 which of course is great for my resume but also gives me the option to experience all age levels. I’ve met some really great teachers and made some amazing friends. I have found that the school is very similar to teaching back in the states there are always unhappy teachers, struggles with parents/administration/other teachers, all the same issues that arise at any school. On the flip side of that is the helpfulness of the school especially for the foreign teachers, the closeness of the staff, and the experience to really better ourselves as teachers.
Now on to my reflection of moving to Egypt and living here. I really do enjoy living here there are always positive and negatives with living anywhere. I remember the day before I left to come to Egypt the political situation elevated and it was very unstable and recommend unsafe to visit Egypt. Of course everyone who knew I was coming to Egypt asked me are you still going? It never entered my mind not to come. I had full faith in the school that if it was that unsafe they would let us know. There were a few teachers who never got on their flights and I respect those decisions just as I wanted everyone to respect mine. Once I got here, settled in, contacted everyone to let them know I was alive they felt a little better. Now all they see are my Facebook status updates and blog entries about diving, traveling, seeing the pyramids and all of the other great stuff that I’ve been doing. To say the least everyone is well aware that I’m doing great. Being immersed in another culture has it’s ups and downs. Ups are experiencing and learning new cultures, languages, food, and meeting new people. Downs are not knowing the language well enough to communicate and cultural differences. Another great aspect of living here is the cost of living. This is one of the major reasons I choose to teach overseas was the low cost of living along with the option to travel. I am able to live on a fixed amount each month that still allows me the option to save/pay bills. Another great thing is the traveling. I’m surrounded by such amazing places to travel to that are inside and outside of Egypt.
Like I said all in all this was one of the best decisions I’ve made. Next school year is my final year to fulfill my contract then I’m off to another school. No idea where yet we will see when it happens.
I’m headed home in thirteen days which I’m super excited for. I love being oversees teaching and seeing the world but I do miss everyone at home. Skype and FaceTime make it easier but I still miss hanging out with my little monkey 🙂

Later skaters –

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