Ros Mohamed – Camping on the beach/Advance Diving Certification

The first weekend in May we had a three day weekend and with that I was off to Sharm El Sheik then to Ros Mohamed for camping on the beach and getting my advanced certification in diving. I’ve been wanting to get my advanced certification but the timing was never right so I was really excited. Now if you recall from my post about getting open water certified and all of the underwater skills we had to do this was not as intense. For the advanced certification it’s required that you do five different types of dives and review three basic skills. The skills we had to review were easy, clearing your regulator, clearing your mask and retrieving your regulator in case it came out during the dive.
We flew out Wednesday night after school. It’s an hour flight and then about a 30/40 minute car ride after that. We arrived at camp around 10 pm got settled into our tents and said hi to our dive friends who are mainly teachers from the other surrounding international schools.
The next day we woke up at our own leisure which was either due to a million flies in your tent or the heat of the sun making it to hot to sleep. The sun is what woke me up. We had coffee and breakfast and then broke into our groups and met our advanced instructor, Ahmed. Ahmed went over the dives we would complete in the next couple of days and explained that our first dive would be to review skills and just to get in the water. To finish your advanced certification you have to complete five different types of dives and two of them have to be a deep dive and night dive. The first day we completed the naturalist and night five. For the naturalist dive we focused on looking at the reefs, corals and different types of fish we saw. The night dive is just that a dive you do at night. My buddy, Lucie, was a little freaked out about the night dive, which I don’t blame her. You get a torch (underwater flashlight) and you just get in the water in the pitch black. This trip I started diving without a wetsuit which added to my anxiety about the night dive in the sense that something might get my bare legs. The night dive to say the least was pretty awesome. It’s almost as if you are floating in space. One of the coolest parts was when we covered our torches and moved our hands through the water you could see the tiny plankton because they lit up with a light pink color. It was pretty crazy to be swimming along and see other divers torches and to also see fish that you usually don’t see as well as fish sleeping in the coral. After our dives we ate dinner and hung out around the campfire.
The next day I was awoken by a bright eyed dive buddy who already had two or three cups of coffee by 6:30 am. The problem with that is that she never drinks coffee it always keeps her awake. So to already have had that much so early in the morning I knew I was in for a great day. Our first dive of the day was going to be our deep dive. That dive went great. It was fun to go down and see how colors change. We had a dive chart with us that had all the primary which looked at above water and then when we got to our destination depth we looked at the colors again to see the difference. As you go deeper underwater not all of the lights colors are able to get through which in turn makes certain colors not show up or look different. This is the reason that I have a red filter on my gopro camera.
Now speaking of my gopro camera. This was the first time I’ve had a chance to use it underwater and it was awesome. I definitely need some practice taking pictures of the fish but my skills of taking pictures of my dive buddies and my dive group are spot on.
That night we had dinner and hung around the campfire. The next day a few people went for one last morning dive bit I chose to hang out on the beach and drink coffee.
Parrot fish – my favorite

Camping right on the beach – very cool

Advanced certification gang


Later skaters-

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