Before school starts let’s relax….Dahab

I left the states August 4th to come back to Egypt with the sole purpose of going to the beach, do nothing, and SCUBA dive a little. I headed for Dahab on August 8th and would not return until the 23rd. To say the least it was everything I expected and more. I was either laying by the pool, diving, or binge watching t.v. shows in my air conditioned studio apartment.

The pool was amazing along with the food and drinks that were delivered to me poolside.

Dahab is located on the Red Sea which has some of the most beautiful diving so I’m very fortunate that I got my start here. I’m also spoiled in the fact that it’s only an hour flight from Cairo. Dahab is a very laid back beach town with a boardwalk filled with shops, cafes, and restaurants.
While I was there I got to witness the super moon – this isn’t a great picture but you can see the awesome reflection off of the water.

This was a good break before school. The adventure didn’t stop here – be sure to read the next entries: Autum and I go to Israel and Jordan and Buddy comes to Dahab and learns to relax…stay tuned.

Later skaters –


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