Summer break in the USA

For summer break I headed home as soon as school let out. I was excited to be home for over a month. My summer calendar was quickly filling up before I even left Egypt. Meeting friends all over the states, kids birthday parties, and pool days were filling my days and I couldn’t be happier. Once I arrived home my first stop was to go see the monkey. For my first time readers to the blog, the monkey as I refer to her is, Raegan, my best friend’s little girl and my god-daughter. I FaceTime and Skype Raegan a lot so she knows my face and especially my voice but when I was actually in front of her and not in the iPad she was a little confused. Raegan’s birthday party was the following Saturday. It was a huge affair including huge Minnie Mouse balloons, lots of cake and a special present that she opened – she is going to be a big sister in January.
Birthday breakfast for the 1 year old

Next stop on my summer tour was meeting up with friends in Colorado to go white water rafting. We flew into Denver then had to drive to the campsite where we were staying. At first the thought of a three and half hour drive was not exciting. Now I’ve never been to Colorado but I assumed that we would land and maybe see some mountains in the distance and get closer to them after we drove for a while. Well I was totally wrong. As soon as we started driving not only was it beautiful but we were driving in the mountains immediately. Colorado is one of the prettiest places I have been in the states. The three and half hour ride that I was not happy about was completely breathtaking and I enjoyed every minute of it. We drove to Glenwood Springs and stayed at a campground that was at the bottom of the mountains.
Just one of the great pictures of the Colorado scenery.
Since we were in Colorado we had to go white water rafting, of course. In a word…amazing. We went on a day trip so the morning we all were in one raft paddling together along with our guide. We then ate lunch and our guide gave us the option to all go together in the raft again or we could each get our own kayak. We of course all went with the kayak option. They were blow up kayaks so if you were to fall out it wasn’t a big deal you could just get right back in. We then spent the afternoon rafting down the Colorado River in our own kayak’s. Some parts of the river where there were rapids we would have to paddle but then other parts you could just float down and enjoy the view.

After Colorado I headed to Tennessee for a few days. Tennessee is one of my favorite states for a few reasons: the Tennessee Lady Volunteers, sweet tea and the Waffle House. While I was there I drank a ton of sweet tea and ate the Waffle House two times so two out of three is not bad.
Tennessee Sunset – no filter
Went for a hike at the state park in Tennessee. Saw some wildlife on the way.


After Tennessee I headed home to finish up the rest of my summer vacation. Once I was home I hung out with the monkey everyday. I was usually ready for a nap before she was and definitely ready for bed by 9 p.m. We went to the pool, out to lunch, the zoo, and played a lot.


One thing I did find awesome when I went home was the amount of people that read my blog. I had a few people worried about me because I was not updating on a regular schedule. My apologies and I will try to make a better effort. I’m just living the dream and sometimes I’m a little late in posting my adventures.

Later skaters and thanks for reading –


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