Diving in Dahab and Buddy learns to relax

The first week and a half in Dahab was a nice mix of laying poolside, diving, and bing watch tv shows. There were other teachers there so someone was always willing to go diving. Last time I was in Dahab I was getting my open water certification so this time since I was advanced I had more options of where to dive. We started out at the canyons which was amazing. It is literally a canyon that you descend down into and swim around. My first time down my guide suggested to go feet first. I was a little nervous being the first time that I ever dove into a canyon like this but it was awesome. Once you get to the bottom of the canyon and at one end you look up and it’s a fishbowl with a bunch of fish just swimming above you.

I also got the chance to dive in the Blue Hole which was even better. The entrance is small so one person has to go at a time but once you are down it just opens up into nothing but blue with a giant reef on one side. The Blue Hole is where I saw my first turtle. He/she, not sure, swam right by us. The whole time I had the turtle’s voice from Finding Nemo in my head “Hey Dude”.

Looking up out of the Blue Hole
Entering the Blue Hole

One day we went for a sunset dive, Autum’s idea, which turned out to be amazing. We got into the water when it was light out and headed to the canyons again. Just as we were getting into the canyon you could tell that the sun was almost all the way down. Once in the canyon we finally turned on our torches so we could see better. After we were in there for a while it was completely dark. We covered our torches so it was pitch black and we saw some bioluminescence’s. Being underwater in complete darkness is a surreal experience. At first I feel a little uneasy but then that feeling goes away and I just feel calm and take it all in.

The last four days in Dahab my dive buddy, Lucie, who is also my French friend I always speak of, came to join me for some diving and relaxing at least that’s what I thought. You see Buddy has two kids so she is always on the go always wanting to plan something to do. Her first day in Dahab she asked quite a few times (like a hundred) “so what are we doing now”? Finally I told her that she was only to allowed to ask that question two times a day. I would say we are going to sit by the pool now and her response was “that’s it”? Yes, Buddy we are going to sit here, maybe read, maybe take a nap, maybe order some food and drinks, or do what ever you would like – it’s called relaxing. This was a tough concept for her to grasp but after about two days she got it. We also took a nap the first day she was there. Our nap started at 5:45 p.m. and we woke up 7:00 p.m. Naps are nothing new to me. I don’t have kids I’m only responsible for myself and I love naps so I’m pretty good at them. I’m pretty sure that nap was one of the highlights for Buddy and I was glad that I could show her the ropes.

Once Buddy was there I dove four more times with her. Since I loved the Canyon’s and Blue Hole I had no problem diving there again. We dove the canyons at night which was a little different going in when it was completely dark. This time I went down on my belly to enter the canyon – amazing. We hung out at the bottom then covered our torches to be in complete darkness. On our way out of the canyon we saw an octopus and an alligator fish both of which I’ve never seen before.

I had a great time diving and getting more dives in to get better at it. I’m working on my buoyancy as well as my air consumption. At the beginning of the week I was going through a lot of air but that was because I was having trouble with my buoyancy. I either felt like I was sinking or floating away. Once I got better at controlling my breathing my buoyancy improved as did my air consumption. I also picked up some new dive gear – fins, booties, rash guard, shorts, and a 5 mm dive shirt. All in all it was a good trip with good people.

Later skaters –


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