Oktoberfest – Munich, Germany/Sweden 2014

In October we had a week off so this year I headed to Munich, Germany then to Sweden. The trip to Munich really began when my friend from home, Ryan told me that her friend and her were going to Oktoberfest and I should meet them there. I agreed, of course. I mean how often is it that you get to meet your friend on the other side of the world and at Oktoberfest? Probably never….so I checked my calendar and it just happened to be the same week we had off – so basically I had to make the trip to Munich since all of the stars aligned. I wrangled up some of my friends to join me, my roommate Autum and my friends Heather and Luke. Luke’s birthday is October 7th so it was a surprise trip until the week before we left.

Munich, Germany
We arrived Friday afternoon, took the train, checked into our hotel and headed over to Oktoberfest to check it out.  This was our hotel room door..they must have wanted us to feel at home – ‘Merica 🙂



On our way there I could tell we were going the right way due to the fact that I saw many other festive goer’s who were either stumbling back to their hotel or who were passed out in the grass.  “This is my kind of party and a great decision” I thought to myself.  When we entered the fair grounds it was not really what I expected.  I did a little research and knew that each brewery had their own “house/tent” and that’s where you would go in, sit down, drink and eat.  What I did not know was that there would be an actual carnival there.  Just as you would picture a carnival, ferris wheel and all.  At one end there were rides and scattered throughout there were food vendors as well as the houses/tents of the breweries.  This was the last weekend of Oktoberfest but don’t worry the place was packed!


Oktoberfest Entrance – Welcome!

We walked around a little and looked at the beer tents.  Since it was later in the day most of them were full and there were lines to wait in to ender the tents.  We were also checking out all the delicious food vendors. I stopped and got a sausage on a baguette with mustard which was amazing.  It was good in general but extra good since we don’t have a lot of pork in Egypt.  Then we decided to head over to the Hofbrauhaus to check it out and hopefully get a drink.  The one downside to Oktoberfest was that you had to be in a beer tent/house to get a beer, you couldn’t grab a beer and walk around with it.

The Hofbrauhaus in Munich was amazing – it’s used to be the brewery site now it’s a restaurant, gift shop and historical site.  A little history of the Hofbrauhaus is that it’s one of the beer houses that was used by Nazi party and Hitler spoke here a few times.  Once we entered we tried to find a place for the four of us to sit and just get a drink – sounds easy enough right? This place was jammed pack with people.  Luckily Autum asked two guys if we could sit with them and they just happened to be from New York so we sat down and got our first Oktoberfest beer.

Yes, it was amazing – yes they are that big.  I believe each litre is 6 cans of beer.



Our New York friends and Luke.



Autum thought it would be a great idea to have a chugging contest with the rest of her beer…she was winning.



Then this happened – she had to take a little time out in corner.


After two pints I was feeling great.  This was real beer…real good beer.

The next day our plan was to wake up early and get in line to get into the Hofbrauhaus tent which is one of the biggest tents at Oktoberfest.  We got in line at 8 a.m. Yes, we got in line that early to drink beer.  The doors opened at 9 a.m. so we waited for an hour and then literally pushed our way in once the doors opened and ran to get a table.  This was the craziest thing I’ve ever experienced.  Luke ran and found an end of the table for the four of us and that was it.  In the mean time people are running, screaming, blowing whistles and cheering once they found a spot.  There were a lot of big groups and college kids so it was pretty crazy.  As soon as we sat down we ordered a round of beers and started drinking.  I was super hungover so it took me a while but after a few hours and some food I was a little better.  Basically once you found a spot you stayed there until you were done and ready to leave or when you got kicked out for people who made reservations.  People make reservations up to a year in advance so they don’t have to wait in line and hope that they get in.  We left the tent about 2 p.m. and decided to go walk around and look at the carnival rides.

Inside the Hofbrauhaus tent.



View from top of the ferris wheel.  The far end is the entrance.  The white roofs are the beer tents/house’s, they are huge. And of course in the middle – those are people, tons of people.





Like I said at the beginning one of the main reasons of going to Oktoberfest was to meet one of my friends.  On my last night in Munich I finally got to meet up with Ryan and her friend Megan to eat dinner and of course drink more beer.




Megan, Brandy, and Ryan at dinner.


Ryan and I.



We also did some sightseeing in Munich – we went down to the city center to see the clock tower and walked around downtown.

The clock tower during the day – Heather, Autum and I rode all the way to the top.


Clock tower at night









Autum in front of some autumn colors.



Our last stop was the Augustiner Brau, Munich’s oldest brewery. This brewery has been around since 1328.  We went here on the recommendation of our taxi driver and I’m so glad we did.  This is the best beer I’ve ever had in my life and the best beer that I had at Oktoberfest.  Another reason I love the German beer is because most of it 7% alcohol.  Seriously though, best beer ever!



Great seeing you friend!


We also decided to take a taxi and go to the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial.  Dachau is located about 16 km outside of Munich. Dachau was the first of the concentration camps that was opened in Germany.  It was liberated in 1945 and finally closed in 1960.  In 1965 the memorial site was established. It was a very somber sightseeing visit but also very informative at the same time.  It was really hard to see pictures of what took place so many years ago and then to see the actual spot that those events happened at.

Front gate that reads – “Work will make you free”


Housing were the prisoners were kept



Beds that the prisoners slept in – very cramped


Hallway down one of the prison bunkers





After Munich we were headed to Sweden to see our friends Mariko and Brandon.  Sweden was beautiful, a little chilly and rainy but still beautiful colors.

A view of the sea and some colors.  I don’t realize how much I miss the season and changing colors until I see them.

IMG_0621 IMG_0616

Again, in Sweden the choices of alcohol was great.  Some of the beers there were also 7% and local.  The milkshake has alcohol in it.  Cookie dough and Jack Daniels – delicious.







A little MGD while in Sweden


Best part was getting to hang out with these chicks and the boys too 🙂








Autum, Mariko, Brandy, Heather


Later skaters –


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