Christmas Break 2014 Part 4 – PD/Family Time in the States and Flying Business Class

I know I said I had three weeks off of school but I decided to attend two different PD (Professional Development) sessions in Chicago so I was able to get some family time in too.  The timing couldn’t of been better since my BFF had her second little girl on December 29th so I was able to see her as well as my little monkey.  This was also my first experience flying business class.  My reason behind flying business class was simple.  We landed in Cairo from Bali on January 6th at 3 a.m. and did not get home until 5:30 a.m. due to lost luggage.  My flight to Chicago left at 3 a.m. on January 7th which means I have to leave my house at 11:30 p.m. the same night that I got in from Bali.  So I wasn’t even going to be home 24 hours before leaving again.  My body was still on Bali time which is nine hours ahead of Egypt and now I was headed to the states which is seven hours behind Egypt.  See where I’m going with this? I figured since I was only in the states for eight days I didn’t want to be super tired and jet lagged when I got there so I decided to fly business class.  In short, this was the BEST way I have ever spent my money.  I flew from Cairo to Frankfurt, Germany which is about four hours.  Then I flew from Frankfurt to Chicago which is about ten and half hours.  The long flight is where the business class seat sold itself.  They were the seats that you usually walk through and go, wow I want to sit here or how do these people get to sit here? The perks go beyond the seats that lay down.  In the airport there is usually a separate line to check in, go through security and to board the plane.  If I waited in a line there were no more three people in front of me.  The business lounge was also something of amazement.  It included food, snacks, drinks, coffee, comfy chairs and lounging beds to sleep.  To say I felt out of place at first is an understatement but after a few minutes I was loving every minute of it.  I knew that I would try out business class and never want to go back to economy and I was right.  All of the convinces and perks that come with purchasing that ticket are worth every penny.  On short flights I would really have to weigh the price differences and where I was going but any flight longer than four or five hours this is well worth it.  Since I started teaching internationally I’m obviously flying much more than I ever have and I’m learning what I can put up with and what I’m willing to pay a little more for. 

Business class section

Business class section

Business class lounge.

Business class lounge.

Like I said my BFF (best friend forever) had her second daughter on December 29th.  Originally I was not planning on coming home for Christmas because I was traveling and she was kind of bummed as was I that I was not going to see the new baby until June.  Once I booked my conferences I did not tell my BFF that I was coming home and decided to surprise her.  I decided this back in September and had to keep it a secret for three months which was super hard.  I arrived in Chicago on January 7th at 11 am, picked up my rental car and drove straight to her house.  She answered the door and of course was surprised but she had a feeling that I was coming home, it’s our super power connection that we have.  So in between conferences I was able to see most of my close friends and family.  Luckily I am surrounded with people that will come and see me with a few days notice.  It was a quick trip but well worth it and it makes June not seem so far away.

The new baby - Kennedy.

The new baby – Kennedy.

One of my main reasons to come home - along with the person who birthed her into the world :)

One of my main reasons to come home – along with the person who birthed her into the world 🙂

The monkey moving all my icons around on my iPad.

The monkey moving all my icons around on my iPad.  No her name is not monkey, it’s Raegan; her parents are really into politics 😉

The monkey going for a ride.

Going for a ride.

The monkey and I having morning coffee.

The monkey and I having morning coffee.

Later skaters



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