Summer 2015

It’s always comforting to go home and slide right in friends and family that you have missed as if you haven’t been gone for five or so months. For the most part I got to see everyone, of course their were a few that I missed but I will be back next summer so don’t worry. My big trip for the summer was going to Disney World. Autum and I went and it was amazing. Autum has never been so we went over her birthday and it was just as magical as ever. We stayed at Port Orleans Riverside so it has a New Orlean’s feel and was really nice. We also had the dining plan which meant we ate so much awesome food too. Although it was a little hot at the beginning of July it wasn’t unbearable. The crowds were not that bad either. I have definitely been there before when they were much worse.

First Day at Epcot

First Day at Epcot

We rode most of the popular rides, ate at character dinners, and took pictures with almost all of the characters. Getting our pictures with all of the characters was absolutely Autum’s idea but in the end I’m glad we did.  Some of the longest lines we stood in were to meet characters. We waited for an hour to see Tinkerbell 🙂


Eating lunch at the Beast’s castle.


Eating lunch at Cinderella’s castle. We got wands and Autum was loving it. The nice waitress let her keep the menu for her Pre-K class.


In front of Cinderella’s castle.


Someone was excited to meet Cinderella!

On Autum’s birthday, July 8th, we went to Animal Kingdom, which was her favorite. At night we went to a VIP dessert party and Illumination’s Show at Epcot.


Happy Birthday!


Celebration Buttons


Birthday champagne and desserts.


VIP seating for the fireworks.

Since we were in Florida we also met up with one of my sorority sisters from college – Schumacher! She met us at Hollywood Studios so we hung out and rode some rides together. It was great getting to see her.


Schumacher, Me, Autum – in front of my favorite ride, Tower of Terror.

I love Disney each and every time I go and this trip was no different. Until I go again….



The rest of my summer was spent hanging out with a variety of friends and family. I was lucky enough to be able to dedicate a weekend to my friends (Katie, Ryan and Sarah) that I used to teach with at the high school.  We spent an entire weekend laughing and catching up. The best part is that it’s like we’ve never been apart from each other and we just jump right into talking and hanging out. We cooked, drank, hung out by the pool and went to see the movie Trainwreck. I’m very thankful that these three ladies make time for me when I come home – love you girls!

2015-07-25 13.18.33

                      At the pool!


The rest of the summer was dedicated to seeing family and friends.  My BFF, Steph, moved into a new house right before I came home so we had a lot of fun times putting stuff away, putting up decorations, and having a garage sale. I think that she planned that perfectly so when she moved it would be right around the time that I came home 😉 It was okay though because that gave me the much needed hangout time with her and the girls. After her house was put together we did some fun things like go to the water park, take the kids to Kids Town and visit other friends.  Right before I left Steph and William entrusted me to watch the girls overnight by myself. They left and were galavanting in Galena for their anniversary.  Although we did hit some rough spots such as crying because we were so tired but we wouldn’t go to sleep, poop on the carpet and using markers on the chairs we all survived. I can’t say enough of how hard of a job it is to be a parent or take care of kids – I give props to all parents!

2015-08-05 22.02.06

We watched Shrek and the Grinch quite a few times, like twenty times each.

2015-07-24 09.00.34-1

Kennedy picked out her own shirt this day 🙂

2015-08-13 10.53.45

Raegan helping Autum make french toast.

2015-08-08 13.09.32

Raegan cheesing for the picture.

2015-08-13 09.34.38

Bruiser taking her morning nap.

2015-08-13 17.11.33

Having dinner with the parents before I leave.


Big sister, dad, and little brother all with sunglasses on because that’s how we roll.





Me, Lisa (my soon to be sister-in-law) and Jesse.


It was a great summer and I really do cherish the times that I go home and get to see everyone.



Later skaters


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