Tunis – To Visit Buddy!

At the end of September for our Eid break Peggy, Autum and I decided to take a trip to Tunis to see Buddy Lucie. Peggy and I left Bahrain and had a layover in Istanbul (easily one of my favorite airports) and met Autum there who flew from Cairo. We were on our way to see Buddy in one short flight.


In Tunis on our way to Buddy’s house!

Once we arrived Peeter picked us up at the airport and we were off to see their new house. We arrived in the morning so we had a full day of sightseeing. The weather was great there, considering Peggy and I were coming from Bahrain. One day it was even a little overcast and rainy, which was amazing for us.




Reunited!! A

Reunited! Just a quick picture in front of the camel. 

The first day we went sightseeing around a little village where almost everything is blue with the Mediterranean feel to it. This of course makes sense because that is where Tunis is located. One of the main languages there is French so Buddy was able to navigate extremely well for us. It also gave us a chance to see Buddy speak her native language with other native speakers. We also went to the local market which was a pretty cool sight to see. There were spices, vegetables, meat, seafood, and fruits to buy.



Nice little town to walk around.

IMG_0474 IMG_0476 IMG_0475 IMG_0472







After we walked around for a little bit we stopped for lunch at a restaurant that overlooked the Med. It was a great view.









The next day we tried to hit up the beach but it was super windy and not enjoyable so we hung around the house, played with the kids, drank coffee and just hung out. Since the beach didn’t work out we decided to take a drive and look for some pottery. Tunis is know for the beautiful pottery that is made there. Lucie had some really nice pieces at her house so we decided to go for ourselves. In Egypt there is a little pottery village called Tunis Village so it makes a little more sense now where the name come from. Most of the places were closed due to the holiday but we did find one shop that was open. This was pretty much a one stop shop for us being it was the only one open and it everything we wanted. The prices were so cheap too. The cost of living in Tunis is very comparable to Egypt. The biggest problem that we had was worrying about if we would have enough room to bring it back with us to Egypt and Bahrain. Luckily we had an extra suitcase that we were bringing back so my entire carry on was jam packed with pottery. We got a lot of really nice bowls, a diffuser for my essential oils, coasters for the living room and a bunch of presents for the family. 


IMG_0481 IMG_0470

It was a great trip and even better that we all were together!

Later skaters


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