Month: February 2016

Are you there??

Yes, I am here and the countdown to Spring Break has begun. Spring Break is at the end of March and I’m headed to Dahab to finally get some diving in. I’m there the entire week and I plan on diving and relaxing. I’ve convinced a few friends to come and check out the hidden gem of Egypt so it should be a great time. Until then I’m focused on getting through February and March.

I decided to go dry for Lent, no I’m not Catholic but I’ve been known to forgo various things for a short amount of time. Sometimes you just need to get your life together and I felt this was the perfect time. At first it was hard, then I had a free day for a friends birthday party and indulged way too much so that made it a little easier.

The birthday party was an adult Alice in Wonderland themed party – it was amazing. The decorations were on point just as the outfits were. My trusty partner in crime, Peg, and I went as Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, of course. It was such a great time that I was re-evaluating my life for two days.


Peg and I – we look amazing, I know 🙂












The Queen of Hearts/Birthday Girl and Tweedle Dum









In addition to weekend birthday parties I’ve been pretty busy at school planning tournaments, coaching, and teaching. My days tend to fly by which is good because it gets me closer to Spring Break faster. Other than that not too much to report just hanging out with my peeps before we all leave each other in June, which is a whole different story and post – ahh the life of an international teacher.

Later skaters