Month: May 2016

3 Day Weekend Trip to Oman

After careful and last minute consideration of what to do on a three day weekend, Oman ended up being the final destination. Oman has it all – mountains, beaches, and city sights to see.


Drinks at the Irish Pub in the airport to start the trip out right!

The flight is nice and short at only an hour and twenty minutes. We arrived early morning, got a few hours of sleep, ate breakfast, looked around a bit and then headed out to the mountains.


Cute little breakfast place.



Our destination was Wadi Shab.

Once we got there we decided to pay a small fee to ride a boat across the small river. It was well worth it though as the bottom was full of mud, we got a ride back across too on our way out. After about an hour hike and a little swim through two or three small pools of water you get to the waterfall that is just inside a cave. Once we swam through the small pool into the cave the waterfall was rushing down. The current was pretty strong, I had to hang onto the rocks as I was trying to take some video on my GoPro. On the way back we jumped off the rocks into the water – super fun.

After Wadi Shab we headed to the turtle reserve. On our way we stopped and had some mish ket which is basically just a kabob cooked on the grill with this amazing sauce, spicy but it was amazing. We got beef, lamb, and fish.


We arrived at the turtle reserve and waited for our group to be called. It’s not guaranteed that you will see any of the sea turtles come up on shore. It’s also not guaranteed that you will see any baby turtles, so I didn’t have the highest hopes. Then it all changed…our group got called out and we walked for about 10 minutes out to the beach area and then we saw the first turtle. She was huge and was covering up the eggs that she had just laid.


We saw two more that were on their way back to the water. We totally creeped on them and watched them walk all the way back to the water. This event ranks in the top 10 coolest things I’ve ever seen. It’s hard to explain but it was so cool seeing the whole process. I’m pretty sure that turtles are my spirit animals.


After the turtle reserve we drove around to find a beach to camp on. Sounds simple enough, it wasn’t. Long story short – I slept in the car.

Next stop was back in town where we had lunch and then checked into a hotel to relax, have some drinks, sit by the pool and explore the city.


Cider drinks by the pool.


Souq at night.

We had a late flight out back to Bahrain so we hung out at the hotel for a bit and then headed to the airport.


Our flight was delayed…

Oman was amazing and there is so much more to see. I will definitely be going back.

Later skaters


Adventures around Bahrain

Yes, Bahrain is an island. Yes, I’m pretty sure you can drive from the top to the bottom in about an hour. Yes, there actually is a ton of stuff to see and do.

Brunch…it happens on Friday’s from 11/12 – 3/4 and it’s all you can eat and drink. I’ve had to re-evaluate my life many times after these little get togethers.

Sometimes it rains really hard…like real rain. It was short but it was a lot of rain for the Middle East.


Zoo…there is a zoo in Bahrain and it’s not horrible but it’s not great either. The biggest problem is that some of the visitors to the zoo do not know abide by the zoo rules. For example you should not be in the area where the animals live, it’s not for you to be in.

This is a picture of two turtles humping…it was weird. I don’t think the turtle on the bottom was enjoying it.


Qal’at al-Bahrain also known as the Bahrain Fort. There is a museum that you walk through before you go out to the fort that goes through the history of how the fort was built and the changes that it has gone through.

Farmer’s Market…happens every Friday morning. I wish I would have gone sooner because the vegetables are about seven times cheaper than the are at the store and a much better selection.


International Day at school…just some American’s in their America wear and me wearing on my students robes, it was very comfy and I want one.

Bab Al-Bahrain Manama Souq…Downtown is the local shopping center called the souq. You can find everything here from electronics, kitchen items, to all the tourist and local items you could think of.

Tree of Life…right by my house is the Tree of Life it’s approximately 400 years old and is the only major tree growing in Bahrain.

Riffa Fort…this fort is located right by my house.

I got the map on the left for my birthday. You scratch off the places that you have visited and each country has it’s own color. I recently got it framed and updated where I have been. There are still so many places to see.

Camel Farm also called the King’s Camel. It’s free to get in and you can walk around to look at the camels as well as feed them and pet them.

Drinking at the golf club…sometimes it’s almost noon and you are done looking at camels so you hit up the golf club and go to the VIP bar because you know someone ๐Ÿ˜‰


The VIP is on the left.


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Spring Break 2016 – Dahab, Egypt

Spring Break was at the end of March and I decided to get some diving in so I of course headed to Dahab along with my trusty roommate and fellow diver Peg. I convinced some teacher friends from Bahrain, Jodee, Kelli ,ย and Lindsey, to come with and check it out. I’m always worried when you talk a place up and how much you love it that those who you have brought there will think the same thing. To be honest when we arrived I was like oh boy they hate it – lovely this is going to be a long week. Fortunately though they ended up loving it just as me.

We left Bahrain really early in the morning, stopped off in Cairo where we met Autum and then headed to Dahab. When we got to Dahab it was morning so we had some breakfast, settled in our rooms, laid by the pool and started to relax.


Our view from breakfast.

Kelli ย was interested in diving and was going to do an intro dive. Bassem was nice enough to take us out and take Kelli on her first ever dive.

Kelli’s first intro dive was successful and she loved it! Thank you Bassem you did amazing ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you to Lindsey for these amazing pictures – she was on shore duty and got some great shots of us preparing to dive.

My brother and future sister-in-law bought me a dive computer for Christmas and this was the first time I got to use it. I loved having all of my dive info at my fingertips. I know how to use about three buttons.


Bassem showing me how to use to my new dive computer.

Kelli loved her first dive so much that she went on a second intro dive the next day. She had a little more freedom with our guide Samir and was pretty much a pro.


One of my favorite stores.


Peg loves my hugs!








If we weren’t diving we were shopping, hanging out by the pool, drinking beer at the British pub or trying to give Peg hugs.

Kelli and I also took a day adventure to Mt. Sinai. This is were Moses received the 10 Commandments from God so naturally I refer to it as Moses’ Mountain. At the bottom of the mountain there is a monastery that is still in use today.

Another teacher friend, Jodee, stopped in Dahab on her way back to Bahrain for a few days. She also wanted to go for an intro dive so I set her up a guy I know.

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 1.44.43 PM

Jodee on her intro dive and loving it ๐Ÿ™‚

The next dive Peg and I went one was at the Cave’s. Peg mentioned it before, I’ve never been and she said it was really cool. The part she failed to mention was the entry and exit. Luckily Bassem went with us and as he’s explaining the entry and exit I looked at Peg and was like WTF! Basically to enter you hang on to each other and jump in backwards so you don’t crash against the rocks and to get out Bassem will put his hand in the water and pull you out with the waves…no really that’s how the debrief went ๐Ÿ™‚ ย To sum it up – it was Awesome!!! Yes they literally are caves, it was cool to swim into them and then look up.

The top two pictures are looking out of the caves and the third larger picture is where we made our exit.


The last few days in Dahab were spent hanging out, relaxing and not wanting to go back!


Later skaters