Adventures around Bahrain

Yes, Bahrain is an island. Yes, I’m pretty sure you can drive from the top to the bottom in about an hour. Yes, there actually is a ton of stuff to see and do.

Brunch…it happens on Friday’s from 11/12 – 3/4 and it’s all you can eat and drink. I’ve had to re-evaluate my life many times after these little get togethers.

Sometimes it rains really hard…like real rain. It was short but it was a lot of rain for the Middle East.


Zoo…there is a zoo in Bahrain and it’s not horrible but it’s not great either. The biggest problem is that some of the visitors to the zoo do not know abide by the zoo rules. For example you should not be in the area where the animals live, it’s not for you to be in.

This is a picture of two turtles humping…it was weird. I don’t think the turtle on the bottom was enjoying it.


Qal’at al-Bahrain also known as the Bahrain Fort. There is a museum that you walk through before you go out to the fort that goes through the history of how the fort was built and the changes that it has gone through.

Farmer’s Market…happens every Friday morning. I wish I would have gone sooner because the vegetables are about seven times cheaper than the are at the store and a much better selection.


International Day at school…just some American’s in their America wear and me wearing on my students robes, it was very comfy and I want one.

Bab Al-Bahrain Manama Souq…Downtown is the local shopping center called the souq. You can find everything here from electronics, kitchen items, to all the tourist and local items you could think of.

Tree of Life…right by my house is the Tree of Life it’s approximately 400 years old and is the only major tree growing in Bahrain.

Riffa Fort…this fort is located right by my house.

I got the map on the left for my birthday. You scratch off the places that you have visited and each country has it’s own color. I recently got it framed and updated where I have been. There are still so many places to see.

Camel Farm also called the King’s Camel. It’s free to get in and you can walk around to look at the camels as well as feed them and pet them.

Drinking at the golf club…sometimes it’s almost noon and you are done looking at camels so you hit up the golf club and go to the VIP bar because you know someone ๐Ÿ˜‰


The VIP is on the left.


Later skaters










  1. Awesome! Thanks for sharing Brandy. Love seeing where you are going and what your doing. That area has more history than we here could ever think of. I hope you enjoy every second of your life and your travels. God speed and much happiness to you.

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