3 Day Weekend Trip to Oman

After careful and last minute consideration of what to do on a three day weekend, Oman ended up being the final destination. Oman has it all – mountains, beaches, and city sights to see.


Drinks at the Irish Pub in the airport to start the trip out right!

The flight is nice and short at only an hour and twenty minutes. We arrived early morning, got a few hours of sleep, ate breakfast, looked around a bit and then headed out to the mountains.


Cute little breakfast place.



Our destination was Wadi Shab.

Once we got there we decided to pay a small fee to ride a boat across the small river. It was well worth it though as the bottom was full of mud, we got a ride back across too on our way out. After about an hour hike and a little swim through two or three small pools of water you get to the waterfall that is just inside a cave. Once we swam through the small pool into the cave the waterfall was rushing down. The current was pretty strong, I had to hang onto the rocks as I was trying to take some video on my GoPro. On the way back we jumped off the rocks into the water – super fun.

After Wadi Shab we headed to the turtle reserve. On our way we stopped and had some mish ket which is basically just a kabob cooked on the grill with this amazing sauce, spicy but it was amazing. We got beef, lamb, and fish.


We arrived at the turtle reserve and waited for our group to be called. It’s not guaranteed that you will see any of the sea turtles come up on shore. It’s also not guaranteed that you will see any baby turtles, so I didn’t have the highest hopes. Then it all changed…our group got called out and we walked for about 10 minutes out to the beach area and then we saw the first turtle. She was huge and was covering up the eggs that she had just laid.


We saw two more that were on their way back to the water. We totally creeped on them and watched them walk all the way back to the water. This event ranks in the top 10 coolest things I’ve ever seen. It’s hard to explain but it was so cool seeing the whole process. I’m pretty sure that turtles are my spirit animals.


After the turtle reserve we drove around to find a beach to camp on. Sounds simple enough, it wasn’t. Long story short – I slept in the car.

Next stop was back in town where we had lunch and then checked into a hotel to relax, have some drinks, sit by the pool and explore the city.


Cider drinks by the pool.


Souq at night.

We had a late flight out back to Bahrain so we hung out at the hotel for a bit and then headed to the airport.


Our flight was delayed…

Oman was amazing and there is so much more to see. I will definitely be going back.

Later skaters



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