Leaving…doesn’t get easier, I’m pretty sure it gets harder.

End of the school year is always the best time of the year because summer vacation is starting. As an international teacher though it also brings saying goodbye to colleagues who are moving on. I know I’ve wrote about this topic before and I will continue to write about it every year I’m sure. It’s a weird thing in the international teaching world you meet people and instantly you form strong bonds with people as if you have known them for years. I’m not sure why this happens but it does and it’s really cool. Most people grow up with the same people they go to school with and spend years forming bonds. I still to this day have friends from where I grew up and also worked with and not just friends, a group that I know will always be there when I get home from traveling the world and we can pick up as if I haven’t ever left. It’s an amazing feeling and something that I will never take advantage of and it also gives me comfort in knowing that they will be there when I get home. Those bonds are understandable since we have been friends for many years. On the other hand I have close friends who I have only known for two years, a year or even ten months. In those short time frames a special and strong bond can and has been formed. I think as we grow older we know the type of people we want to be around and the type of people we want to invest our time in. Now obviously not everyone makes the cut of who you want to invest time with but I do believe that we can gain something from everyone. Personally, I know that everyone I have met on my international teaching journey has impacted me in some way or another both good and bad. I’m an active traveler so if you say “come visit whenever” be prepared, I might just show up on your doorstep one day, just kidding I’ll call first. It’s not goodbye, it’s until we meet again.


I’m off to enjoy the summer, recharge my battery and see my people.

Later skaters



  1. Are you coming back home? We were laughing about the years you convinced all the Vikings we were sisters! Good times 👊🏻

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