Snow Days in Jeju

First week back to school after Christmas break and SJA Jeju is blessed with two snow day. A snow day in Jeju? Is that a thing? As I re-read the e-mail from my principal at 6:15 a.m. I was like wow this is awesome, is this real life? I looked outside and wow there was a lot more snow than I was expecting. Not only did we get one day off but we ended up with two snow days.

The weather here is always changing, quickly. It will be overcast one minute then the next minute it will be snowing then the sun will come out. When leaving the house one should always be prepared for rain, snow, cold, and hot because it will be all of those things in the course of one day. It’s fun to watch how quickly the weather changes as I’m teaching during the day.

View from my apartment to the courtyard.

View from the third floor.

No plows = no clear streets

Now depending on where you are from you might say that’s not a lot of snow or wow snow that’s cool. To me this is nothing but in a country where this is considered a lot of snow and they lack the necessary equipment to deal with this much it becomes a bit of a problem. School was closed due to the roads being bad. The roads were bad because there are no plows or salt trucks.

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Back to school…finally.

Well, the time has finally come to get back to teaching after being off for almost four months. This day had to come and it all happened on Monday, October 23rd. Ready or not the kids came and we were off and running with a new school – St. Johnsbury Academy Jeju was finally open.

Our campus is beautiful and once it is completely done and teachers are all moved in to their respective areas it’s going to be very nice. The gym isn’t ready so I’m having class where I can find space. Last week it was on the recess soccer field to just get moving and this week we will be in a learning pod doing some cup stacking. Hopefully, my students will love cup stacking as much as I do.

This week was also our first day of school on Saturday. Yes, we have to make up those days somehow. Two Saturdays a month we will have class from 8 a.m. – 12 p.m Not too bad but it’s still makes for a six day workweek and having to go to school on Saturday. But, we also had an extra two months of summer so….

It’s been a crazy first week and each week will get better and more settled. All of the teachers and admin have been supportive of each other and we have all really worked well together which is good especially in a late start situation like this.

In addition to the kids starting on Monday the first time that teachers could get into their classrooms was the Friday before school started and some later than that. That made for a busy weekend. On Friday I started to unpack, inventory, label my elementary P.E. equipment that I ordered. I had the amazing opportunity of ordering all of the equipment for the elementary school. It was awesome but also overwhelming at the same time. I ordered a lot…like a lot. It filled an entire fitness room. Thank goodness SJA Jeju hired a facilities manager to manage the Sports Complex so he has been helping me while I teach during the day. We have so much cool stuff to use this year.

This is most of my equipment that I ordered. It wouldn’t all fit in the picture.

In addition to all of my new equipment the school hooked all of the teachers up with a MacBook Pro and iPad.

Real nice…

Here are a few quick snapshots of the campus – more to come as more is finished.

Sports Complex – gym, pool, weight room, two fitness rooms, and team rooms.

Close up of the SJA Jeju athletic logo

Performing Arts Center – cafeteria, theater, MS/HS library

Performing Arts Center (PAC) with our mission in three words.


It’s been crazy but I’m happy so that’s all that matters.

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Where to next year…

It’s that time again in the international teaching world where the decision is made to stay or start looking for a new school. This year I decided to move on and look for a new school. My first thoughts were that I wanted to go east – Asia area. The farthest east I’ve been is Bali. The Middle East has been good to me. I started my international teaching career in Egypt and I’m pretty sure that if I can teach/live there I can go almost anywhere. While in Egypt I saw many sights, met a ton of great people and learned too much to even start listing. Moving to Bahrain was a welcomed change due to the fact that it is very western here which made it easy to live. I’ve gained a great deal of athletic director experience, in addition to getting the chance to try new ideas in my classes. In the end though, my time in the Middle East has come to an end and it’s time for me to move on.

I’ll spare you the details of the job search, nothing exciting happened. There were interviews, there were second and third interviews, there was the e-mail stating you were not selected which led to more interviews and then the right job came along. The job that came along I originally overlooked or didn’t pursue in the beginning but that’s how things work out and I’m excited. I’m excited to move to Asia, I’m happy with my school choice and with the opportunities that lie ahead.

Drumroll…….I’m headed to Jeju Island. It’s located at the southern tip of South Korea, apparently I like living on islands. It’s a brand new school called St. Johnsbury Academy (SJA Jeju). I will be teaching PE/Health most likely to multiple grade levels to start and once the school and the program grows I will settle in to a certain grade level.

We have a delayed start because the school will not be complete, yes it’s literally a brand new school opening in October 2017. Since we have a delayed start we do not have to report until October 1st which gives me a bit of an extended summer vacation, no I’m not mad about that. To compensate for those missed days there are a handful of half days on Saturday that will we will have to work in order to meet our contact days. As of now my thought is to arrive at the end of September to start my visa application and get familiar with the area.

A lot of people have asked me how big Jeju is, great question and I finally looked it up. Bahrain is 295.5 square miles and Jeju Island is 714 square miles so almost two and half times bigger than Bahrain. Jeju is sometimes referred to as the Hawaii of Korea due to its volcanic sights and lava tubes. In addition, there are multiple beaches, trails, natural wonders and rural landscapes. I guess I can be the judge of that later since I just went to Hawaii last summer.jeju-map

South Korea also experiences all of the seasons so that will also be a welcomed change from just hot and dry, although I do like the climate in the Middle East.

In the end, I’m totally happy with my choice and look forward to what lies ahead. I have to say that choosing to teach internationally has been a great choice and I’m grateful for the opportunities it continues to give me.

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Back to Bahrain and back to school

The end of the summer means it’s time to get back to work a.k.a. school. I’m still glad to have the excited feeling of a new school year. As I teacher I hope that feeling never goes away because then it might be time to find a new profession. This year I was coming in with a good attitude and a bunch of new ideas that I was going to try with my classes.

I came back early to Bahrain to help some friends out by flying their dogs to them. That entire experience was super stressful. I give props to those people who travel with kids, pets and even those who travel with both. This experience proved to me that I do not want to own either, kids or pets, it’s all too much. In the end though I got through it and delivered two alive dogs to their owners who are all now happily living a new life in a new country.

Once returning to Bahrain I had one day to get everything in order. The following day we started our teacher institute week. It was fun to meet the new staff especially my two new P.E. guys. The first week was basically meetings on top of meetings but there was a small amount of time to work in our classrooms. That Saturday I headed to school to finish up my to-do list. To say I feel on top of it this year would be an understatement. It’s been a great start to the year. The new addition of another P.E. teacher has been amazing and the new P.E. guys are great to work with. Due to the addition of another P.E. teacher we now have more flexibility with our classes. We decided to split up the classes between the three of us and we are all teaching our own classes. This year I am teaching Pre-K, KG, 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th grade boys and girls, and high school girls 9-12. We run on a six day cycle so three of the days are elementary days and the other three are middle/high school days. They alternate every other day.

I was excited to implement two new ideas into my P.E. classes and they both are starting out great.

Muscle & Bone of the Month – each month my elementary classes will learn about a new muscle and bone. We will learn how to pronounce it, where it is located, practice writing it, the purpose of it and what exercises/activities use that particular muscle and bone. I’ve never copied and laminated so much in my entire teaching career. I definitely made up for it this year!


My fourth graders working on spelling and writing Bicep and Cranium, our muscle and bone of the month. They did a great job.


Behavior Chart – most elementary classes use behavior charts and this is a combination of other teachers ideas and what I have “borrowed” from them. At the start of each elementary class they start on green. If there behavior is less than desirable such as not listening, not following directions, not working as a team, etc. they move to yellow and then possibly red. If they adjust their behavior they can move back to yellow/green. If the class ends on green they can move their corresponding jersey on the game board. Once a class’s jersey makes it to the finish they earn a free period of P.E. to choose whatever activity they would like. They also start over again once they reach the finish and try to earn another free choice day. The kids are doing well with it and like to move their jersey at the end of class.


My office:


My webpage for Elementary P.E.

My Monthly P.E. Newsletter – I started this in Egypt and it was a great way to let the parents know what we are doing in class so I decided to start it again this year. Here is the link if you wanted to take a look:


Year 2 at RVIS, Year 4 of International Teaching, Year 12 of teaching



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Start of the school year…busy…busy

It’s been a little over two months since I’ve posted about life in Bahrain. I was finally able to post about a trip I took at the end of September, I’ve been that busy. The short story is – school is crazy busy and my 2 grad school classes are killing me so that’s why I’ve been away. After this weekend I hope to catch a hot second and catch up on some posts. Upcoming topics include – villa update, school update and life on the island.

Here is a picture from a morning run – it’s inside the golf course that’s why there’s grass 🙂












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